Scientific Writing Consultant

Dr. Iain Patten is an independent writing consultant with over 10 years’ experience of facilitating scientific writing and communication. He originally trained as a biomedical scientist and undertook research in neuroscience and embryology in the UK, USA, and Spain. He later shifted his attention to scientific communication, working initially in Spain as an editor and translator of biomedical science and later in the UK in the medical communications industry. He currently works with research institutes and university departments throughout Europe to help them optimise their publication output through a combination of skills training and strategic management. In addition to his work with authors and researchers, Iain provides training to professional writers, editors and translators on the professional development programmes of organisations such as Mediterranean Editors and Translators and the European Medical Writers Association.

Dr. Patten’s approach to facilitating scientific writing involves far more than correcting grammar and style in English. He focuses primarily on helping authors to understand their own writing process and engage more effectively with it. The goal of this approach is to produce independent, effective writers who are able to generate well-structured, clearly written articles as part of their normal professional activity. In parallel, he provides training and consultancy for group leaders and institute directors designed to help them develop a strategic approach to managing writing and publication and to work effectively with their groups to implement that vision. He draws heavily on his experience as a professional writer working with authors, research groups and organizations to produce materials ranging from research articles to science policy documents.

Dr. Patten’s professional background allows him to engage comfortably with researchers on the scientific content they intend to present, not just the language that is used to communicate it. In addition to his research training, however, he has extensive experience of working with authors whose first language is not English. As a native English speaker who uses Spanish regularly in his professional and personal life, he also has direct experience of the challenges presented by working in a second language. This awareness is particularly useful when working with groups in international research institutes.