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Work from the Myers group on the cover of Nature Biotechnology

Congratulations to Loic Royer on his beautiful paper describing an approach to imaging of live organisms. The work is highlighted on the cover of the latest issue of Nature Biotechnology:

Work from the Norden lab highlighted in JCB

Work from the Norden lab at MPI-CBG has just made the cover of JCB ( ….. and been the subject of their Spotlight ( ….oh, and a biosights movie (! Fantastic coverage for a beautiful piece of work.

Work from the Pigino lab highlighted on the cover of Science

Congratulations to Ludek Stepanek and Gaia Pigino on making the cover of Science with their groundbreaking work on intraflagellar transport. This is Ludek’s first paper! Quite a start to his research career.

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute talk about their training experience

In this YouTube video, MPI scientists Florian Jug and Jussi Helppi discuss their experience of training in writing and publication.

Promoting Excellence in the Communication of Science

I am delighted to announce that from this year I will be working with the Dresden International PhD Program (DIPP) to provide an exciting new training programme in writing and publication. DIPP comprises two large graduate programmes—the International Max Planck Research School for Cell, Developmental and Systems Biology and the Dresden International Graduate School for […]

New Website

Welcome to the new! It’s been a long time coming, but finally it is here. Look out for more frequent news and maybe even the odd blog post….