Scientific Writing Consultant


The success of a research institute or university department is ultimately dependent on the publication record of its constituent groups. Yet, despite the enormous human and financial resources invested in scientific research, relatively little time is dedicated to establishing conditions that favour efficient, high-impact publication. Dr. Iain Patten offers a range of consultancy options primarily designed to help institute directors and research group leaders optimise their publication output. Emphasis is placed on integrating writing and publication more effectively into the research process and reducing the lag time between data generation and publication.

Training for early career researchers plays a critical role in ensuring that they can make an active contribution to the publication output of their research groups. However, to ensure maximum benefit, training must be consolidated through effective interaction with senior scientists in their normal working environment. Wherever possible, therefore, the training provided by Dr. Patten is directly linked to the projected publication output of the research group and institute or department to which participants belong. Publications consultancy is thus a key element in ensuring that institutes can maximise the benefit obtained from their training investment.