Scientific Writing Consultant

Integrated Programmes

The training provided in the Making Sense of Writing workshop and the intensive Writing for Publication programme provides early career researchers with the necessary skills to become independent writers who can make an active contribution to the publication output of their research groups. When such training is integrated into the projected publication output of the participants’ research groups, the long-term individual benefits of skills development can be combined with tangible short-term publication benefits. These benefits can be further enhanced through effective mentoring and interaction when workshop participants return to their normal working environment. With these factors in mind, Dr. Patten offers a range of individually tailored, integrated training and consultancy programmes in which training is embedded within a strategy to optimise publication output at all levels.

In most cases, integrated programmes are built around the Effective Management of Writing and Publication workshop, which is designed to help group leaders mentor the writing of students and postdoctoral researchers effectively and to optimise the publication output from their laboratories. During the strategic planning day that forms part of that workshop, the training needs of individual group members are identified and linked to predicted publication output to ensure that the timing of training is optimised. Following on from the strategic planning day, additional elements can be included in the training and consultancy package to meet the specific needs of the group and adapt to their changing requirements. Options might include writing retreats on specific topics, writing clinics to provide ongoing support, and individual consultancy for group leaders.