Scientific Writing Consultant

Making Sense of Writing

An introductory workshop on approaches to writing and publication for early career researchers

The core aim of the Making Sense of Writing workshop is to equip young researchers with tools that will allow them to become more effective writers. Participants are challenged to develop a conscious awareness of the way they approach writing and the factors that influence the effectiveness and efficiency of the process. They consider key elements of effective scientific communication before looking specifically at how these are put into practice in a research article. They are introduced to ways of analysing the literature that will act as tools to guide their own writing and identify more clearly which approaches and styles are most effective in their own fields. During the workshop, participants gain extensive hands-on experience in using approaches that will help them plan and begin to draft clearly written articles that support an appropriate scientific message.

Active participation in this workshop will help young researchers to gain confidence in their capacity to become effective scientific writers and to integrate writing into their work. It will provide them with core skills that can be applied independently and also help them to work effectively with their advisors and co-authors. The workshop also serves as a foundation to allow participants to take full advantage of the intensive Writing for Publication programme.

The workshop can be offered to groups of up to 20 participants.