Scientific Writing Consultant

Effective Management of Writing and Publication

A short workshop for group leaders

The success of a research group is measured primarily according to its ability to establish and maintain a strong publication record. To achieve this, research group leaders must create the conditions to support cutting-edge research. In addition, however, they must ensure that the results of that research are communicated effectively and efficiently, while also training the next generation of researchers to themselves become independent, publishing scientists. This workshop explores approaches to managing the overall publication output of a research group and working effectively with the writing of junior colleagues. It shows how a proactive, strategic approach to writing not only enhances publication success but also has a positive impact on the research itself. In addition, it reveals how effective interaction with students and postdoctoral researchers throughout the writing process can reduce the workload of group leaders while helping more junior researchers to develop critical skills for their future careers. Throughout the workshop, learning is adapted to the specific needs of the participants and focuses on the development of clear strategies that can be implemented in their own laboratories.

The workshop can be offered to groups of up to 16 participants.

Sample programme

Day 1

  • Understanding the writing process
  • Writing as a driving force for science
  • Understanding the writing and publication culture in your group
  • Identifying barriers to effective publication
  • Defining your publication goals

Day 2

  • Publication strategy
  • Developing a group publication strategy
  • Approaches to managing publication output in academic settings

Day 3

  • Implementing a group publication strategy
  • Defining strategies to address potential barriers to writing and publication
  • Mentoring writing
  • Getting the most out of your group to support your publication goals

Following the workshop, participants have the option to continue working with Dr. Patten through a specialised coaching and consultancy programme Over a 3-year period, group leaders meet with Dr. Patten every 3 months to explore the development, implementation, and consolidation of an effective publication strategy. During this time, Dr. Patten will work individually with group leaders as well as providing input at meetings with their laboratories and support in the development of key manuscripts. Although this option is particularly suited to group leaders who have recently established an independent group, the highly tailored approach means that it can be easily adapted to the needs of more experienced group leaders or institute directors seeking to optimise their publication output.