Scientific Writing Consultant

Writing for Publication

An intensive training programme for biomedical researchers

Learning is most effective when it is situated in real-life experiences. This intensive training programme on writing for publication provides a rare opportunity for young researchers to prepare their own research articles for publication with the dedicated support of a professional writing consultant. The programme covers all aspects of the writing process, from journal choice through to submission. Participants learn through a combination of formal teaching, group discussion, and regular individual tutorials while writing their articles. Throughout the programme, participants look carefully at ways of optimising their own writing process. In this way, the programme provides a solid training in a skill that will be crucial to the success of their future careers as independent researchers.

The programme is suitable for advanced PhD students and postdoctoral researchers with or without prior experience of writing research articles for publication. It is designed to complement the short course Making Sense of Writing, which prepares participants to obtain the most benefit from the intensive training programme.


Training is provided for groups of up to 8 participants. Participants will use their own data to begin writing a research article for publication and may also work on additional articles during the programme. The programme contains the following elements:

  1. Intensive 5-day workshop The workshop focuses on the initial steps involved in writing a research article. In parallel, it addresses key considerations for developing an effective approach to writing. In addition to training input and writing time, participants have regular individual tutorials to discuss the progress of their article and other aspects of their writing.
  2. Interim follow-up After the opening workshop, participants continue to work on their article before sending a draft to Dr. Patten on an agreed date. Dr. Patten then provides written feedback and a telephone tutorial to help participants identify the next steps in the preparation of their articles. Participants who progress more rapidly after the initial 5-day workshop are supported to submit their articles when ready and continue working on their next writing project. The individually tailored approach used in the programme ensures that all participants obtain maximum benefit.
  3. Intensive 3-day follow-up workshop Participants discuss the progress of their articles after the interim follow-up and continue to work on developing a final version for publication. Emphasis is placed on consolidating learning from the first workshop based on the experience of working independently during the interim period. Where appropriate, participants will explore other aspects of the publication process such as dealing with journals and reviewers. The workshop ends with careful consideration of how to maintain an effective and productive writing process in participants’ future careers.